[SUGGESTION] List of new features and updates for Respawnables

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[SUGGESTION] List of new features and updates for Respawnables

Post by deus on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:25 am

I'm looking at you Digital Legends.

As you know, there's only huge updates when Respawnables have events that last for a few weeks. But there are rarely any in between with the exception of bugs and other fixes. So I have a couple things in mind of what/ how to make Respawnables a more diverse game.

- Let us color custom non-event apparel. (This does include sets and armors they have that are non buyable with cash or gold!)

- Skin complexion color wheel

- More head apparel that can apply to the above suggestion



*Smoke bombs - Able to shroud yourself in a cloud for a getaway or diversion.

*EMP - Disables Immunity and Invisibility for five seconds.



NERFING THE NOISY CRICKET - This is the most hated, unbelievably overpowered weapon that has yet to get nerfed and no matter what you used you can still get owned. This is unfair for the newcomers, event players, and general players who refuse to use the Noisy Cricket unless necessary. Nerf this to two shots / reduce the damage by 50%.

Dragon Breath Cannon - Increase ammo on this to three shots with slightly faster reloading speed.

Scoped Rocket Launcher - Add more agility and/or damage. Make it worth the value it is.

Plasma Cannon - Add damage to this weapon as well as increase the fire rate.

*Burst rifle - A gun that gives off a few bursts of bullets per round and takes two rounds to kill someone with 15% and higher health armor. Most a one round killking machine.

*Freeze Gun - A blast rifle that freezes opponent for two-three seconds and drains health quickly.



- Smaller maps with more open spaces for better FFA

- Bigger maps for campers, snipers, etc especially for TDM.



- Make event weapons only usable during which ever game modes the event takes place in. For example, the Noisy Cricket is unusable/ blacked out during Easter Event, and you are only shown the ones recomended/usuable such as the Siege cannon, Revolver, or Thumper.

- Let people who bought weapons for the event skip the tiers if they want to. (THEY CAN ONLY BUY IT PRIOR TO THE EVENT NOT DURING)


Game modes:

King of the Hill FFA - Control one central point and kill everyone who gets in your way while holding position. Time or Score limit determined

King of the Hill TDM - Control two central points and kill everyone else on opposing team and hold position. Time or Score limit determined

Relay TDM- Run through laps of the course with a flag while passing to one teammate to another allowed to slow other teammates by attacking or laying traps. Four laps to win the race. Ends at the timer or when the last team finishes.

All or Nothing FFA- Cycle through random weapons to kill your opponents. First person to go through all the weapons wins the match.

TOURNAMENTS - Real live tournaments for both FFA and TDM that can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It can be community hosted or official.


Game additions and fixes:

-Fix restoring purchases you made. For example, if you bought gold and you don't want it anymore AND HAVEN'T USED IT (IT HAS TO BE A RECENT PURCHASE) you should be able to refund it.

-Anti-Hack system - There are too many hackers in the game and you need to build a ban system for those caught hacking the game. Which leads me to my next point

Boot/report system - Allow us to click on names of players (which would include a list of players in the match) to vote to kick/boot. It depends on majority rule. Reports should be sent via email to Digital Legends which would include the record of the game  recently with the report. Reports can be appealed via email and all that complicated stuff.

Profiles - Include records of our win/losses rato, online status, invite (ONLY IN LOBBY), PM, ADD/DELETE/IGNORE and report.

Chatroom/Voice option - The ability to communicate to players are crucial. The only way we can so that we can team up is throwing gestures. How many people know that? Not a lot really. I would like this to be added especially in the game so we can add  people and join them in-game which would benefit the party option for TDM.

FORUM - An official forum with some of the staff
would be better and more active likely. Not many people know about this...

I'll update this more later And/or tell me what else to add thanks.

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